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The Newton Grapple gives the BlueROV2 and other underwater vehicles the ability to interact with the underwater environment to retrieve items, attach salvage lines or free an entangled rope! Includes everything needed to install on the BlueROV2.


The Newton submarine gripper is a single function manipulator for the BlueROV2 and other underwater vehicles. It's the result of several years of effort, starting with a senior design in 2016, evolving into the current design over the course of several iterations. Every element has been carefully designed and combined to create a fantastic ROV tool.

The gripper has jaws that open to grip objects up to 2.44″ or 6.2cm in diameter. The plastic jaws are mounted with custom aluminum screws to create a corrosion resistant mechanism that does not need oiling. The jaws are actuated by a linear actuator using a brush motor and lead screw. The main body is filled with air and sealed with O-rings. We have spent a lot of time pressure testing it and it is rated for a depth of 300m with sufficient safety factor.

Newton submarine clamp

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