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Ping360 is a mechanical scanning sonar for navigation and imaging. It has a range of 50 meters (165 feet), a depth of 300 meters (984 feet), and an open-source software interface that makes it a valuable tool for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging.

The Ping360 comes with everything needed to use it on the BlueROV2


  • Il sonar a scansione Ping360 è un sonar a scansione meccanica per immagini. È stato progettato principalmente per essere utilizzato sul BlueROV2 e su altri ROV per la navigazione in condizioni di scarsa visibilità dell'acqua, ma è adatto anche per applicazioni come l'ispezione, l'evitamento di ostacoli, la localizzazione e il tracciamento di bersagli, lo sviluppo di sistemi autonomi e altro ancora!

  • Parameter Value
    Supply Voltage 11–25 V
    Maximum Power Consumption 5W
    Signal Protocols USB, Ethernet (UDP), RS485
    Message Protocol Ping Protocol
    Message Subsets common, ping360
    Code Library Implementations  Python,  C++,  Arduino
    Cable Used CAB-PUR-3UTP-28AWG
    Cable Length 755mm
    Conductor gauge 28AWG
    Power Wires Black ground
      Red Vin
    USB Configuration Orange White Vsense
      Green-White D-
      Green D+
      Orange GND
    EthernetConfiguration Orange White TX+
      Green-White RX+
      Green RX-
      Orange TX-
    RS485Configuration Orange White Not Used
      Green-White D-
      Green D+
      Orange GND
    Installed Penetrators
    DeviceSide WLP-M10-4.5MM-LC
    cable end WLP-M10-4.5MM-LC
    Frequency 750kHz
    Beamwidth - Horizontal 2nd
    Beamwidth - Vertical 25th
    minimum range 0.75m 2.5ft
    Maximum Range 50m 165 ft
    Range Resolution 0.08% of range
    Range Resolution at 50m 4.1cm 1.61in
    Range Resolution at 2m 1.6mm 0.06in
    Mechanical resolution 0.9°
    Scanned Sector Variable up to 360°
    Scan Speed at 2m 9 sec / 360° *
    Scan Speed at 50m 35 sec / 360° *
    Continuous 360 degree scan? Yes
    Mounting Angle Offset? Yes
    Pressure rating 300 m 984 ft
    Temperature Range 0-30°C 32-86°F
    Weight in Air (w/ cable) 510 g 18 oz
    Weight in Water (w/ cable) 175g 6.17 oz
    Sonar mounting screw size M3x0.5x5mm
    Mounting Bracket Screw Size M5x0.8x12mm
    Air Chamber O-Ring O-ring Buna-N-142 -70A
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